The Wave House

Coastal Town, CA

The Owners were interested in a uniquely modern seaside vacation home and entrusted square three with the design of their coastal retreat.  The design concept for the exterior form was inspired by the waves crashing over the rocky shoreline, the blue, green, gray and white ocean water color palette and sea birds floating above the ocean surface in the vicinity of the project site. The idea of creating a living space within an abstract “tube” or “pocket” of a crashing wave emerged.

A tubular wave form was conceived, including the leading edge of the “curl”, to create the walls and roof while the “trough” defines the front entry porch.  The gull-wing roof form over the clerestory windows suggests an ocean bird floating above.

Random, vertically oriented windows, including a two story tall glass curtain wall system adjacent to the stair, emulate openings in the tube of the wave, while the blue/green/gray colors of the high pressure laminate rain screen panel siding represent the various colors of the ocean water.

The Wave House
The Wave House
“The house is filled with natural light while maintaining privacy, creatively incorporating attractive materials, which are resistant to the salty ocean air and evoke the colors of the ocean. We love to relax in the common space on the upper level with the expansive views of the coastline and the sounds of the crashing ocean waves.”
— Homeowner
The Wave House

Being located on a narrow lot, a vehicle turntable is located adjacent to the detached garage in the rear yard, allowing vehicles to turn around and leave property facing forward.

The Wave House

To complement the clean, white body color of the interior wall and ceiling surfaces, the blue, green, gray, white ocean water color palette is carried through, repeated or complemented in the tile, counter and solid surface materials as well cabinetry finishes.

The Wave House

Care was taken to provide privacy between neighboring properties by strategically incorporating translucent glazing in various side facing windows in combination with landscape screening.

The Wave House

Additional nods to the coastal/wave concept are suggested in other details, like the kitchen pendant lights, which resemble seabirds in flight.

We highly recommend the square three team to anyone planning to build or remodel a home. They are creative, easy to communicate with, detail-oriented, and have fun ideas.


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