2015 Playhouse On Display Now.

Rebuilding Together Peninsula Dreams Happen Playhouse.
Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Rebuilding Together Dreams Happen playhouse event is happening again.  We (square three design studios) partnered up again with Pete Moffat Construction, and have designed and built the Galactic Guardian S3-15 (spacecraft). See photos below.

…After traveling millions of light years, the young astronauts have landed their Galactic Guardian S3-15 spacecraft on an alien planet in a distant galaxy. From the command center console, the captain gives the command to secure the wings, shut down the rocket boosters, and initiate ground roving sequence. Once in rover mode, the craft moves onto the designated coordinates to begin research and exploration of the newly discovered planet. The young explorers collect samples for analysis in the lab, observe the new galaxy through the telescope, and suit up for their maiden space walk on the strange new planet. Wait! What’s that? Did something just move out there? They are not alone! An alien creature has attacked the spaceship!    

If you haven't seen it yet, please drop by Stanford Shopping Center and check it out.  The playhouse is located prominently at the front (El Camino Real) side of the mall close to Bloomingdales and Fleming’s Steak House. The playhouse will be on display until June 12.

Eleven playhouses will be auctioned and one playhouse will be awarded through the Playhouse Raffle Drawing at the Gala Event on Saturday, June 6, 2015. All proceeds benefit Rebuilding Together Peninsula. For more information, call 650-366-6597 or visit

We encourage anyone who is interested in a playhouse for their kids or have friends and family that are interested in a playhouse or might want to buy and donate a playhouse to another entity to come and attend the event and get in on the action of the auction!


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