From single-story ranch to two-story modern

Two-phase project allowed family to live in during construction

The living room of the remodeled house features an open kitchen and plenty of space to sit and lounge. Photo by Veronica Weber.

When Adam Hawley and Suzan Szollar married and bought their little house on a corner lot in The Willows in 2001, it seemed j-u-s-t right. But by the time their second child came along, they were bursting out of its two-bedroom seams.

Even with the children sharing a room, there was no room for out-of-town guests or a home office.

"We knew we wanted to remodel and expand to get bedrooms for everybody and a guest room/office space," Hawley said.

But instead of that expansion/remodel, they ended up tearing down "all but a few walls and the foundation on one side," he adds.

Calling on architect and Willows neighbor Carl Hesse, they needed to assess just what they were allowed to do in a flood zone, with one side of the house on a slab at grade level, but a "lot technically underwater in a flood," he said.

"We were tripping over the rules," he adds, noting that they either had to keep the remodel small or make the whole house flood-compliant.



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