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logo_paloalto_weeklyThere have been a number of PA Weekly articles of our projects in the monthly Home and Design section. If you log into the Palo Alto Weekly website -, you can view these articles in the back issues section of the special monthly Home and Garden Design section. We have eight projects that were published in there.

Below are links to the specific web pages - this should make it easy to view the articles and photos.

+++ "Forging Relationships" – September 2009
Neighbors revamped their '40s homes to improve flow -- and connections with each other

+++ "Blending in While Building Down" – July 2008
Basement addition adds space, energy efficiency

+++ "A Seamless Remodel"– October 2006
in Palo Alto is a major remodel/addition/facelift project to a historic Birge Clark Tudor in Palo Alto

+++ “Teahouse Tranquility”– May 2006
A peaceful meditation spot among the trees

+++ "Expanding Horizons" – December 2004
Family outgrew tiny bungalow in the Willows

+++ “Opening up the Kitchen” – February 2004
A project that involved almost the whole house

+++ "East meets West in Los Altos" – May 2003
A ranch house takes on an East Coast look

+++ "Behold the Beauty" – February 2003
A fixer-upper evolves back to its Craftsman charm

+++ "The Charm of Earlier Times" – October 2001
A modified triplex is reclaimed as a turn-of-the-century home

+++ "From Ranch to Craftsman" – July 2001
A Menlo Park couple was attracted to the simple elegance


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