San Diego Eases Graywater Rules

— The San Diego City Council is making it easier to allow people to soak their landscaping without using drinkable water. The council eased the rules and requirements for graywater systems that take once-used water from laundries or showers and allow it to feed plants.

Steven Bailey is intimately familiar in large part because he has a passion for tropical fruit. But those plants are thirsty and so are the other plants he grows around his El Cajon home.

"I wanted to be able to have a living fence," Bailey said. "Be able to produce fruits and vegetables so that I can know where my food was coming from."

Bailey is just as passionate about being frugal, so he started thinking about ways to feed his backyard garden without paying huge water bills. One answer came from the washing machine in his garage. A small alteration and he had a way to funnel the used water into his yard.


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